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Starting your own business

Starting your own business can be both inspirational and rewarding.   However, statistics show 80% of start ups are destined to fail. For a much greater chance of survival, there are key issues that new business owners should look at closely –  research, planning, cash flow, systems and meeting change. 1. Research: Understanding your product or[…] Read more »

Taking your business forward

Starting your own business can be immensely rewarding, and every year, 400,000 new businesses start in the UK.   Decisions taken in the early years are critical in planning taking the business forward, particularly for first-time entrepreneurs and those with little business experience.   We review the challenges of starting and taking your business forward.  […] Read more »

Management control

You have navigated the business through its start up phase, built a customer base, with a rising turnover and supply chain on board.   Fine, but why isn’t there much money in the bank? We review some of the management tools that can help you take your business forward in a practical and flexible way. 1.[…] Read more »

Growing your business

Your business is established, you are ready to expand and customer demand is increasing. We look at some of the challenges for growing your business and an exit strategy. 1. Initial considerations on expansion: Risk analysis. Resources – management, staff and money. Technology. Funding. Or are you really looking to exit via at a trade[…] Read more »

2015 Budget – the end of the tax return?

There has been much reporting on the new HMRC online accounts planned to replace self-assessment tax returns from 2016. We look at the next five years. Proposal: 12 million taxpayers complete self-assessment tax returns (SATR’s), which are to be replaced with individual digital tax accounts within 5 years. HMRC is due to set out a[…] Read more »